Please read and check below if you agree to the following.@‘

* Certifications of a vaccination against rabies and a combined vaccine
@ within a year is required.

* We accept only pets who are able to walk and eat by themselves.

* More than one pet discount is only for pets from the same owner.

* No discount for sharing a kennel or room.

* We reserve the right to refuse aggressive dogs like Rottweiler,
@ Bull Terrier, Pit bull Terrier, Kai ken.and Tosa ken.

* Closing time is 6:00pm.
   A pet has to stay one more night if you can not pick it up 
   by closing time. The extra night will be charged. 

* PAWS reserves the right to decide in which kennel or room a pet stays.

* Please call, fax or e-mail if you have to cancel a booking. 
@There is no cancellation fee.

* Please call, fax or e-mail if the stay has to be extended.

* It is PAWS decision what to do with the pet if the
@owner does not pick it up after overstaying the booking period for
@longer than two weeks without contacting PAWS and PAWS can not reach the 
@owner for any reason (wrong address, phone and fax number or e-mail address).

* PAWS is not responsible for any lost toys or damaged toys by a pet.

* If your pets are on medication, please bring them to us with the instructions on when and how much is given. @


All information provided in reserving the accommodations for my pet / pets are true. 
  I accept all of the above PAWS rules. 

Agree@@ Disagree


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